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Using hand drumming for therapy

The Drumming Guys have done a number of therapeutic drumming sessions - with cancer patients, nursing staff, caregivers and children with special needs.
Hand drumming has proven to have a number of therapeutic benefits, one of the most well known is stress relief. But there are many more benefits to group drumming sessions for therapy.

Studies have shown that after only a few minutes of hand drumming, subjects reported a marked improvement in their mood. Drumming is known to be beneficial in the treatment of depression.

Drumming has been used in many countries to benefit people with various medical conditions - studies in cancer patients have shown that it improves the immune system response.

"Studies have shown that music therapy can even have a positive impact on immune cells, which are essential in the body’s fight against cancer."

Group drumming has also been used effectively in occupational therapy to assist mental health patients, recovering addiction patients, and for children and teenagers with special needs.

How drumming therapy benfits psychiatric patients, and caregivers - study.

Group drumming enables mental health recovery - study and conclusions.

Using therapeutic drumming for recovery in substance abuse programs.

Drum making is also a form of therapy, which we offer. Working with one's hands - to make a musical instrument - is a therapeutic, constructive and rewarding activity. And the final result is a working drum the patient can keep and play. The process requires planning, and following a number of steps to achieve the final result.

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